Patient Testimonials

Dr. Patricia H. Arnazzi, MD

As a doctor of Western Medicine, I was baffled by the symptoms that began to plague me two years ago: lack of energy, weight gain, swollen ankles, painful knees, sore neck, depression, and trouble sleeping, to name a few. My colleagues were as lost as I and only thought of antidepressants to manage my many symptoms.

I will always consider myself fortunate to have found professional like Ching Liu. During the long and thorough first consultation, I knew I had found a knowledgeable and caring healthcare provider to help me. After the first treatment, I was able to stop the antidepressants. After four months of regular treatment, I have my energy and love of life back. Ching has truly empowered me to heal myself.

From one professional to another, I have the utmost respect for his expertise, knowledge, professionalism, and caring attitude.

One of my professors in medical school used to tell us, “The secret of patient care is in caring for the patient.” That, in short, describes the practice of Ching Liu.


I came to Ching Liu's office in chronic pain after searching long and hard for a practitioner who could help me when I moved to Los Angeles. I met many practitioners who had basic skills, but none who were true healers -- until I met Ching. In each session, Ching drew from his expansive knowledge and acute intuition to develop powerful treatments that helped my body heal. His treatments were gentle and effective, precise and holistic, and he became a guardian angel on my healing journey.

Today, after years of chronic pain, I am healthy and vibrant and strong. I would not be where I am today without Ching. I have sent half a dozen friends, family, and colleagues to him with the highest recommendation, and they all agree: Ching is a rare find, a supremely talented and skillful practitioner who changes lives. He changed mine.


I have a long background in Chinese Medicine myself.  So I am, to say the least, particular about who puts needles in me.  I was referred to Ching initially for a physical ailment.  It quickly became clear, however, that I was in the presence of a rare practitioner, and there was something far more significant than a round of bursitis for us to approach together.

I'd just gone through a divorce, and was dealing with the immediate grief, a lingering problem with depression, and the residue of older pain that I'd never processed.  Ching's expertise in deep emotional work came as a great gift, helping me slowly navigate the layers. 

He didn't "cure" anything; that's not his role.  What he did was help free things up from the depths where they were hiding, and then bolstered my strength and clarity so I could do the personal work I needed to do.  

A year or so down the road, I am more free than I have ever been.  And I cannot overstate the value of Ching's caring and intuitive support in getting here. 

There's a poem I love from Rumi, the famed 13th century Sufi mystic:

The way of love is not a subtle argument;
the door there is devastation.
Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.
How do they learn it?
They fall, and falling, they’re given wings.

My unending gratitude to Ching for helping me find those wings.


I walked in and he took one look at me. He tilted his head sideways. "Are you pregnant?" "No, Ching, I took a pregnancy test on Friday. I'm not. I'm here to get rid of this annoying rash."
I have been seeing Ching for multiple things over the course of the last 8 years and he had been working with me on trying to conceive our first child. I had a flu shot the month prior and it had caused a nasty rash, so naturally, I assumed the rash had just come back.
On my way home from his clinic, on his insistance, I took another pregnancy test. I WAS pregnant! Which can only mean Ching actually has LASER vision!
Ching is not an Acupuncturist. I'm not even 100% certain he's human. Ching is a master healer with a unique gift unlike anything I have ever known.
He has cured every ailment I have ever suffered from (and there have been many!) He is also masterfully well informed and very well educated across the board. You can ask him anything, from his thoughts on gene therapy to chi energy to eating right for your own individual system. He has helped me cure extreme excema, depression, anxiety, weight issues, food allergies, energy problems and fertility.
I cannot possibly express my deep admiration and gratitude to Ching for his healing over the years. I don't know how I would have coped without him!